Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Way to much fun in the SUN!

We had an awesome weekend in Southern Utah with everyone! I love being with my sisters and the guys even enjoy spending time together. We probably overwhelmed Chelsea and Jack. Tess was right by Chelsea's side every moment of the day. We had a great time celebrating our birthday. Mom even sent dinner down with Dad and Rob so I didn't really have to cook. We wore the girls out on Monday. (Actually we wore out ourselves entertaining the girls) We started at McDonald's for breakfast. (The only meal I EVER eat there!) Then on to St. George for the Fiesta Fun Center, lunch, and then to the Corn Maze. Let me just tell you the corn maze was awesome! I will definitely make this a tradition. The girls ran non-stop and we wanted to capture every moment so I took A LOT pictures.

I have so much going on this week I knew I had to get these on today otherwise between being the room mom for the Halloween party or preparing for the baptism I would not get it done. The funniest part of the farm is that we were running around in short sleeve shirts acting like it was summer and all of these people were dressed in coats and sweaters. I guess it has cooled down from the 100's and they think that 75 is cold. I love the weather there!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Our Little Girl Turns 8

There are many moments that I can remember in my life. Being baptized and confirmed is one of them. I remember my mom had made a beautiful white dress for me and that when I entered the water my dress floated over the top. I also remember how warm the water was and that it made me feel so at peace. For the last few weeks I have been trying to prepare for this moment but I am not sure that I am quite ready to watch my little girl take such a big step in her life. She is growing into such a pretty young girl and it breaks my heart sometimes to think that I have a child so old and mature. These pictures capture the little "spirit" that Ellie has. She is such an emotional child both good and bad. I love how serious she is at times and how crazy she is the next minute. She loves life and it shows in her eyes. I fight back the tears daily as I watch her walk to the bus stop and pray about all the things that I hope she will become in her life and hope that I have a big enough influence on her to direct her the right way. For that reason I am so excited for her to get baptized and be able to have the holy ghost to comfort her and aide her in each day and trial she faces. Thank you to every person that has contributed to her baptism book. I hope this is a special time for her.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Surprise!!!


Well I can take it- start now giving me all the crap that you want. I am the most spoiled wife in the world. Wednesday night after our Halloween dance show, I pulled in my garage (after three days of preparing for our Halloween show: warn out and beat) to find a HUGE birthday surprise! The only thing in my life I said that I wanted for my birthday! Anyone who knows our house and the amount of laundry that we do can certify that this is a NECESSITY! I was so excited I helped Tim bring them up the stairs. ( I don't recommend that for anyone with a bad back!) and started doing laundry at mid-night. Since I had taken a three day break from laundry to work on the show, I thought I should get going on the piles! As you can see I am just down to the towels and sheets and it is only noon! I love it! We are headed to St. George for an extended weekend so I hope to have pictures of Jack and us loving 80 degree weather instead of the recent pictures of the snowman building in the back yard. If you want to see pictures of the dance show you will have to visit www.earlandbilliesue.blogspot.com/or http://lauragines.blogspot.com/ . I just was a little busy to snap my own shots!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

What I did Over the weekend!

Selfish!!! That is all I can say about myself this weekend. I went to a scrapbook retreat with my friend. I have the greatest husband in the world to let me go all Friday night and Saturday to just do scrapbooking stuff. Then when I returned on Saturday night the kids were in bed, the house was clean (although I left it in good shape on Friday) and he was folding the whites (my biggest dread in the world!) On top of all that he winterized the garage and organized everything (no one is surprised by this) but he did it while watching the girls. I did some WAY cute pages and also two cute craft projects that I am sure my sister's will die over. I am ready to have a craft day sister's so let me know when you are ready. (After the Halloween show and Baptism though!!!) Happy Weekend to everyone!

Second part SHOUT OUT TO JACK! For anyone who did not know: my little sister Chelsea had her baby. Jack Robert Johnson! He is the cutest baby! Here are the pictures to prove it!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Chelsea!

Chelsea is just the star of the week! It is her 25th birthday today and I miss her soooooooo badly! I remember exactly where I was on my twenty-fifth and Chelsea was there is celebrate it with me. Thanks Chelsea for returning the favor. I am very homesick for you and the rest of your family!!! From here on out you can celebrate you birthday with your son and it is VERY special. I love and miss you tons. I am starting my blog, again, just for you!!!