Monday, March 15, 2010

Beauty Mark???? and the Price of Beauty

Every since I can recall, I have had a "beauty" mark on my right cheek. With age, and a whole lot of sun loving, I had more and more "beauty" marks pop up. About four years ago I had a few moles scrapped off. It was NOT a lot of fun! On a scale of one to ten of thing I would never want to experience... it would be a 10. In fact I think I would rather give birth to all three of my kids again, with of course the help of modern medicine.
Over time the "big beauty" on my lip has resurfaced and I had to face the decision weather or not to have it scrapped off again or let it take over my face. (I can just imagine all my cute little boy nephews squirming as their old and smelly Aunt Jo Jo comes over to kiss them with her big ugly mole.) So in order to save myself some emotional pain, I decided to take on the physical pain once again.

This morning my stomach started spinning as I remembered the feel of the needle injecting numbing agent into my upper lid. It was by far the worst part the last time around. Since the mole and now scar tissue have grown into my lip. The Dr. made the decision to cut into my lip and remove it entirely instead of just scrapping off the top. I made sure Tim was around this time to drive me to an fro. If you can imagine the intense pain you experience when you accidentally bite your lip, just imagine the feeling of the tip of a needle going into it three times. (Again, wishing they made epidurals for your face!) My eyes did water up again and my toes managed to slice through the leather covered surgical chair. Tim choose not to watch the procedure, probably best for both of us! There was a point and time when the nurse asked him if he was doing ok. Even though I was numb I could feel the tug on my lip while the sutures were being put in. 45 minutes later I walked out of the office looking like a mummy. Hope the price of this "beauty" was worth it. Thanks to all of you for prayers, meals, and calls of well wishes. We will post an after picture in the next few weeks once the stitches come out! Right now this should give you a good laugh.