Friday, December 31, 2010

Farewell 2010

I know it sounds cliche but where did this year go? The last few days I have thought a lot about the year 2010. It certainly had its highs and most definitely had some lows. All I know is that this year has been a season of change all around. Let's start with my kids.

As you all know little Miss Mia started school this year. While I was a little worried about how she would act (following Tess cannot always be easy) I will say I am not at all surprised! Yes even the phone call from the teacher, NOT SURPRISING!!! She has many friends but seems to have a love/hate relationship with one special friend named Hunter. Again, no surprise! I didn't feel like I had spent as much time preparing Mia for kindergarten like I had the other two. I have mixed emotions about Kindergarten. On one hand if you teach them everything and have them "reading" before kindergarten, they are somewhat bored and feel like school is just a social avenue. The other hand being you have some pride knowing your child is one of the top kids when you go to parent teacher conference and they already have everything marked off. So as usual with this kid I just let the card fall as they may. I have been so surprised to see how things have turned out. She reads better than either of the other two did at this point and she is constantly surprising me with how "grown up" she has become. I will admit she might have a set back come February and I stop carrying her around like my "little" baby. For now, I will get as much cuddle time as I can. Mia also started violin when school started this fall. Batting a thousand, she has shocked me with how well she is doing. I absolutely LOVE to hear Mia and Tess play duets, even if it is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. So to sum up the year for Mia I would say, Little Miss Attitude Rocks the Kindergarten World!

Moving on to the middle child. Tess has had a wonderful 2010. She started playing the violin in February and took off like a rocket. Her teacher would tell me what a perfect student she was and how pleased she was with Tess each time she came to lessons. This is how Tess goes through life. She finished out first grade winning her class spelling bee (they don't go any further in first grade) and when she left her first grade teacher we ALL three (myself, Tess, and her teacher)shed many tears. Mrs. Flinders set Tess on the educational track like I have never seen an educator do. I was so worried about how second grade would then go down. Fortunately, she continues to thrive. She also finally has her good "friends" in her class. They have lots of fun and Tess has found more joy in school than ever before. She also started ballroom this fall with the return on Aunt Giselle. As a result she is constantly engaged in performing. Serious ballerina, showy Jazz dancer, dynamic acrobat, and now social butterfly ballroomer! She and Luke did a great job at the Christmas show and this upcoming year will be bigger than ever for Tess. She is moving to level 2 on violin, getting a new sibling, as well as preparing for baptism. To sum up the year for Tess, the shy quiet child is blossoming into a beautiful outgoing belle of the ball.

Talk about growing pains! Ellie had quite the 2010. Ellie began playing the guitar in February. This proved to be the perfect match for Ellie and her personality. I have no idea how to play the guitar or anything that goes with it. I can figure out violin fingering and music but guitar is way out of my league. Ellie listens to songs and figures out the cording and plays has a great ear. Ellie also participated in her first year of comp team. None of us even knew what a show stopper Ellie could be until she starts into her hip hop mode. Watch out! She gives new meaning to "attitude." She did her first solo and was amazing! She also finished up elementary school and moved onto middle school. SERIOUSLY, I have a middle school student. Her bus comes at 7:05 in the morning and she is always ready and going. She has matured so much this year and it scares me to think she will be entering Young Women's this year! She got an ipod (touch) for Christmas and acts like your typical teenager. To sum up her year I would say, winds of change. (Oh some of the greatest music came from my high school days!)

Tim and I just celebrated our 14th anniversary. Neither of us can believe that at this time in our life we are adding our 4th child. There was a time when we both thought that 3 children was our lot in life. 2010 seemed to change my mind! Between life, death, and the pursuit of eternal salvation... I realized we needed to expand our family. This was not an easy decision given how crazy our life schedule is. However knowing we are weeks away from meeting the final member of our family brings me great joy and complete satisfaction. Since we never found out the sex of our other children I could not let my track record fall. We all have our days thinking it is a boy or a girl and for various reasons but whatever this child is it will complete our family. Tim and I also were called to go on the Stake Trek this year. I will say that of the things that took place in 2010, this had to be one of my highlights. Not only did I grow an obscene appreciation for my pioneer ancestors, I also developed a stronger love and testimony of my Savior, and more importantly a deeper and more amazing love for my eternal companion. It was on the trek that I realized I was pregnant and how lucky I am to have such a wonderful man for the father of my children. We still have so much learning to do but hopefully together we can make it. Our careers are both doing wonderful, (thank heavens Giselle returned to me this year) and Tim has never been so busy/successful with work. I think a highlight for Tim this year was the addition of the tower to the boat. He not only loves wake boarding but spending time with family and friends on the water. I think he wishes the season were a little longer around here. I just remind him all the snow means full reservoirs this summer. To sum up our year.... BLESSED!

We have so many things to be grateful for this year. Good bye 2010, thanks for the good times, the bad times, and our times with each other!