Friday, March 14, 2008

Dental Miracle

OK, I will update. I truth is that nothing really significant is going on in my life.

This picture doesn't have anything to do with the dentist but I snapped it the other day. I heard this little voice calling for help. It was just Mia stuck in the doll playpen. Really no surprise to me!

It is still cold and there is still snow on the ground. I am counting down the days until we go back to St. George, 2 weeks today!!! ANYWAY- Tess and Mia had their 6 month dental visit on Thursday. It was actually Mia's first "official" dentist visit. I had taken her and let her sit in the chair on one of Tess' many visits. (I don't feel at this point I need to revisit the whole dental situation with Tess.) I had actually called the dentist office before it was even time for the six month appointment because I noticed another spot on Tess' tooth, SURPRISE!!! They told me we weren't up for our six month check up yet but to wait a month so the insurance would pay 100%. So we waited and finally went yesterday. I feel like I need to insert a video of me brushing/flossing/maintaining Tess' teeth so that people will know how diligent I am about her teeth hygiene and care but I don't take video footage of myself and the 30 minute routine. Let's just say that if I took as good of my own teeth as I do Tess' you wold have to wear sunglasses when you talk to me because my teeth would glow! So back to the visit, as usual Tess had her 3 cavity diagnosis. On to Mia... she is exactly the same age as Tess when I found out the "news" about her teeth. Mia jumps up in the chair holds perfectly still and they take x-rays; she lets Dr. Moffat look in her mouth and BINGO... not even a stain or imperfection. Dr. Moffat finally says something that doesn't make me feel like I am the worst parent, "her teeth are as solid as a rock!" This is after two years of him thinking I was lieing about what I did and didn't do with my kids and their teeth. LOVE IT! The good news for Tess in now we get to add one more thing to our teeth cleaning routine, prescription toothpaste. It only cost $10.00 a tube and it is half the size of a normal tube of toothpaste. It has high levels of fluoride in it and you can only use it once a day. They have to be old enough that they can't swallow it and that is the only reason we haven't been on it before now. On the way home from Park City I told Tess I wanted her to be a dentist when she grows up so she can work on her own kids teeth!!! I think I will start putting more money into her college savings account now!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Thank You Chelsea

As many of you have probably noticed my blog has been under construction for over a week. I wanted my blog to look fresh and updated and I was trying a couple of things, in the mean time I lost all of my widgets and ran out of time before I had to leave for our vacation. When I was visiting Chelsea in St. George I was lamenting to her about my blog and my troubles. Being the greatest sister and perfectionist that she is she told me she could help me out. WOW! I didn't expect it to be as fantastic as it is. I love my sister so much and I was so glad that I got to spent time with her little guy last week. She said she is for hire if anyone else wants help. The pro-bono period is overhowver. So thank you so much Chelsea.

While I was on vacation last week in the wonderful 60-70 degree weather I didn't snap any shots, probably because I was in a constant state of shock. It was so nice to just walk outside and not worry about a coat or a jacket. Jack and I even went down and stuck our feet in the pool one day. I did get cold one night at the opening banquet when the air-conditioner was blowing right on me. Robbin and I shopped everyday without fighting kids. (Vacation in itself!!!) One of the best thing was Friday morning I decided to get up and go to the temple. I always have the "excuse" that I have my kids. So without them and being so close to the temple I thought no more excuses!!! First of all their were pansies and flowers coming out in the flower beds as I walked up to the temple. I had never done a session in the St. George temple, so the whole newness and awe struck effect kicked in. But most of all with no time agenda or things to worry about I felt even more at peace. I think this was just what I needed after a long cold winter. By the time we got to Las Vegas there were buds and flowers on the trees and we had to turn on the air conditioner in the truck. When we left Las Vegas on Saturday it was 75 and when we pulled into Kamas it was snowing and 29 degrees! I am ready to go back!!!