Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Love Day

Well I was going to get this on for Valentines' BUT you know I am way to stressed and busy AGAIN to get everything done. Let me just preface the next part, I am NOT complaining I am just explaining. I have had sick kids for two weeks!!!

Almost everyone I know is sick or has kids that are sick (check out my mom's blog; I really have nothing to complain about). But at this point and time I seem to be struggling to get much else accomplished in the day. So it all started two weeks ago with Tess. She has this deep and consistent cough. When I decided that the over the counter stuff wasn't cutting it I took her to the Dr. Of course something VIRAL. I hate those words, but they prescribed us some cough medicine and told me to use the nebulizer on her. (That thing comes in so handy) As the week progressed and she missed preschool all week and I was up every night checking on her or giving her a breathing treatment, I started to feel run down myself and I had the chills quit frequently. By Sunday I was pretty much down and out BUT no skipping church for me: so after we got home I tried to lay down on the couch and rest. The next day my mom calls me because she stayed home and was sick. (Again refer to her blog) By Tuesday Mia started with the coughing and weazing syndrome. So I started her on the breathing treatments. By midnight her temp was up to 103. So of to the doctor we go, AGAIN. This time RSV. Should have seen it coming and maybe I did and talked myself out of it. Anyway the pediatrician said her O2 saturation level wasn't low enough to put her on oxygen yet, probably because I had started breathing treatments on her and she felt comfortable enough to let us just stay at home without home health care since I have been through this twice before and as long as I monitored her O2 level and her fever didn't continue after 36-48 hours I should just keep her home. That is great EXCEPT somehow I got myself into volunteering for the Book Fair, Being the room mother of 2 Valentine Parties and still having dance classes. So with a little help from Tim staying home from work and Jenica subbing some of my classes I finally made it through the rest of the week!

Here is what my original Valentines Blog was going to be about:

11. My front loading washer and dryer!

10. Massages! Now I don't get these very often but when I do I am in heaven!!!

9. Chips and Queso, & authentic salsa (nothing from a jar)

8. Looking at house plan books. I love them! (That is the closest thing I get to a good novel)

7. Chick Flicks. I have my favs but Robbin and I just saw P.S. I Love You: Cried the whole show!

6. Thinking, dreaming, or planning a vacation. I am excited for August and we just got invited on a huge camping trip to Mt. Rushmore (not sure if we are going?)

This was a picture I took while I was in the Dominican Republic. I loved this pool.

5. Snuggling my girls under a blanket, And yes my favorite blanket is still my green bus quilt from HIGH school! Now I get to snuggle every morning during Dora or Diego!

4. Chocolate chip cookies, homemade of course. Tim made each of his girls a huge homemade chocolate chip heart cookie, such a sweet heart!

3. Living in the mountains. I love living in Kamas. Even with 4 feet of snow!

A recent photo of our back yard. Where are the swings? Pretty soon the trampoline will disappear!
2. Anything that has to do with DANCING!

1. My Family: I love Tim and my girls so much but it goes way beyond that. I love my mom and dad and siblings. I try to plan anyway to get together I can. I call each of my sisters at least twice a week. (Allen hates mindless chatter) I can't wait till all of their kids gets here and we all live close and suffocate each other day in and day out! I love it!

I just love this picture.