Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Seven Years of Joy

Today my middle child turned 7! I can hardly believe that in those seven years so much joy has been given to me just by being this child's mother. It actually took Tim a while to talk me into having another child after Ellie. I was busy with my career, he was busy working and going to school, and we had a beautiful little girl. Seemed like our life was complete. Ellie had her fourth birthday and I decided it maybe was time to get going.

The entire nine months I was pregnant with Tess I had to be on medication to prevent me from throwing up all the time. It also was the hottest summer on the record books and we had NO air conditioning. Needless to say, I could not wait for this little child to get here. It was a very peaceful Sunday morning when I went to the hospital to have her. As usual, the ENTIRE room was full of people waiting for the arrival. (See how much fun it is not to know if you are having a boy or a girl, everyone comes to the hospital to find out!) The doctor even joked about setting up some stadium seating for the many spectators. From the start everything was easy with Tess. I think I pushed twice, about as hard as blowing up a ballon and out she came. A teeny, tiny, hairy little girl. She had so much black hair we could put a barrette in from the start. Even though Tess started out at 6 lbs 4 oz. she chubbed right up and put the gerber baby to shame. She always had the biggest cheeks and a soft little smile. Tess is very shy but stubborn. She decided when she was ready to be potty trained, she decided when she would talk, and she decided that it was fine to be a big sister at 21 months old!

I don't think I need to recount the day we went in for her kindergarten test and she kicked me out of the evaulation. Just proving to me that she can do everything by herself. She started reading early, she started playing the piano at 5, and picked up the violin at 6. Her music teachers tell me she is gifted with a great ear. (Of course look at her "superior genetics".) Tess also was the star speller in her class this year and completely won her teachers heart. It was a very teary day when she left first grade.

Tess is also a wonderful caring sister. She loves Mia and Ellie and can spend all day playing with them. What a joy she had been for these seven years. I am so lucky to be the mother of this child of God. Happy Birthday Tess- my cup of Joy!