Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

I will just start by saying, I will never compare to my mother and this tribute is evidence of that but it is the thought that counts!!!

There is a mother name Billie Sue; who raised six kids, some dogs and a husband too.

She works each day and gives all that she's got; teaching, cooking, care-giving, signing, farming, incorporating and what not.

She can plan any event in a minute or two; with all her kids help we know what to do.

Raising six kids, sometimes on her own, she did great; her "grands" she adores-Ellie, Luke, Tess, Mia, Noah, Jack, Boy named "Sue", baby G will make eight.

The example she has set makes it easy on us- to show love for our Savior because it's a must!

The land of Woodland is where she calls home, she has built a legacy of tradtions for her kids who are grown.

The love of her life she meet really young, their time as empty-nesters has only begun.

A woman so happy her joy is contagious, I'm grateful this day for the things that she gave us.

So on this day when you stop to remember, give praise to our mother forever and ever!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Weekend in St. George

As you may have heard from Chelsea and Giselle we all got together in St. George last weekend. ( I know we find any excuse to get together, Thank you Dr. King!) I just needed to get away from the three feet of snow in my yard. Not that I am complaining because I love how pretty it looks all white and this winter has reminded me of winters when I was a kid with snow piles everywhere that you can sled on it just has been VERY cold as well. So I packed the girls up in the car and we headed south. We just had a fun time eating, swimming, fighting over Jack's bumble and of course the talent show. I was so proud of Ellie and Luke. They put the whole thing together. They had the idea and put the sign-up sheet on the fridge, enlisted the judges, made the crowns and trophies and last put not least put together a really amazing routine the included juggling, dancing, and singing! It was just really amazing to me that the kids went to the park and golfing on Monday morning and Tuesday morning when I took Ellie to school it was -12!!! Thanks to Chelsea and Max for putting up with the mess and kids. We have such a great family! We really missed those who were not able to make it. Maybe next time.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

He's Official

For those of you who do not know, Tim won the election last November for the Francis Town council. He was sworn in last Tuesday, January 15th and now the work has begun. They put him in charge of the sewer system, (that stinks!) Right now that is the hottest topic in Francis, next to the opposition of the LDS church being built. It also has some perks. He gets to attend a water convention in St. George at the end of February and spouses are allowed to attend. So while he and Greg are in meetings all day Robbin and I will play or scrapbook! I am so proud of Tim. He is so well liked in our community and now he can be know for something other than the dance teachers husband, so he says! He also has finished the second studio in the basement and all the trim and base and case. With all his projects nearing an end he has had some time to do a little ice fishing. The first time in two years!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

and a Happy New Year!!!

We had a spectacular New Year in Idaho. We had not been in a while so we decided to take an extended trip, more than just the weekend!!! Matt and Sondi and their kids were the perfect hosts. We hardly saw Ellie and Tess because they were down stairs playing the Wii that the Idaho Butikofer's got from Santa!!! (They must have been very good kids!) Although I did catch Tim "tending" Kaleb a time or two with the Wii remote in hand. Plus I could not leave out that I tried it ONCE and posted the highest score on the baseball hitting game. 10 years of being a PE teacher paid off. Tim however did not like it that I had to keep reminding everyone who had the highest score. ( I know that the McNeils will understand why!) We also had a miraculous New Year's Eve. Tim and Matt stayed up way past mid-night and I stayed in control when I was not winning the board game. Sondi and I had planned a finger food buffet and we ate ourselves silly or shall I saw jolly like Santa. Mia decided she was no longer potty trained and pooped her pants EVERYDAY! She would never tell me, she would always tell Sondi because she doesn't get mad. I will say that since we have been home for 5 hours she has gone to the bathroom twice and acts like she never had an accident. The girls had a sleep over at Grandma Janis' and they scored some great costume jewelery that she had saved of her mom's. Who need Christmas presents when you can have awesome treasures like that!!! I have made a few New Year's resolutions and I hope that I have not set my self up for disappointment. However I just want my brother and sisters and parents to know that "Monica"is still in charge and that will never change! Happy New Year!!!