Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Merriest Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas with all the activities. Christmas Eve Day the kids got to go sledding with Tim and Uncle Rick. I stayed home and got the Christmas Cookies ready for Santa. Then Christmas Eve we had the annual dinner at mom's house. Prime Rib this year!!!! Shrimp, garlic potatoes, ultimate creamed corn, and fresh rolls to complete the meal. This year was special since Grandpa and Grandma Bisel got to join us. It is wonderful that we get to share special times with them!!! At the Christmas Eve dinner we always have the "program." The kids had been practicing at my house all day. Literally they started at 6:30 AM!!! Tess was the conductor and she would make them stand and sit after each song. Ellie and Luke wrote the lyrics to a song and then Ellie sang a solo with Luke accompanying on the saxophone!!! At one point Noah joined in on the piano. Always a spectacular show from each family member. The kids were then allowed to open their Christmas Eve gifts from Grandpa and Grandma. PJ's and their own special nativity set. We came right home and sprinkled the reindeer food Aunt Patrice gave the kids in the front yard!!! It must have worked because Santa found us and delivered everything and more than we needed. What Santa didn't bring Grandpa and Grandma McNeil made up for as well as all the Aunts and Uncles and cousins. We have such a tight family and the gifts were great but it was the time we spent together that I enjoyed the most!!!!! Tim gave me a huge canvas framed picture of Christ. I really love it and I think that getting it on Christmas made it extremely special. I love my family, I love my kids, I love my husband. I love this time of year!! Hope everyone else had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. we will be in Idaho to celebrate with our Butikofer family. We can't wait to see our new cousin Luke Taylor!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Man of my Dreams!!!

It is hard to believe that 11 short years ago I was standing on the side of 1-15 South of Santaquin in the dark wondering if I was really going to make it to the temple to get married or not?(If you don't know what I am talking about I am sorry!) Who knew that would be the beginning of an adventure of a lifetime.
Three children, a dozen cars, and to many dead pets later I still wake up every morning with the man of my dreams. We have built such a great life together I can't imagine what the next 11 years will bring.
We would love to spend the weekend in Manti, but all of the Christmas programs landed on this week and I am not sure I could relax enough to really enjoy it. When we went last year, on our ten years anniversary, we ended up as the witness couple and I cried the whole session. I feel so blessed to have Tim not only as my eternal companion but as my soul mate, my best friend, and mostly the father of my three beautiful girls. He works so hard to make me happy and never once, ok just once, complains about all of the "tasks" that I give him! When I was in college in Cedar City, I could not settle down for a minute with one guy. But the instant I started dating Tim I knew exactly that I could never find anyone better!!!
I love to watch him in everything that he does from using the squegee on the shower door to making chocolate chip cookies, he does it with such PERFECTION there is no doubt it will turn out right. One of my favorite things is to watch him put pretend make-up on the girls in church to try to keep them quiet or fall asleep.

Only Tim would know exactly where the eyeliner and mascara should go. I could go on and on about him but if you have ever seen him in a pair of Wrangler and boots ...enough said.! I love you with all my HEART, Happy Anniversary!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

One Month Later!!!

Well I am finally at a point where I can let go of an hour and blog! Sorry to all who really missed my children, sorry to all of those who don't even have a blog and get after those of us who do, and sorry to my mother who thinks something is truly wrong with me. I just have a little stress and I need to stay on top of it. So here are the top ten reasons I haven't blogged lately (good and bad)

10. In November I was busy finishing a room in my basements so that some more of my siblings would have a place to stay. Painting, going to pick out carpet, and then sanding and re-staining the bedroom furniture!

9. I got sick! This really knocked me out! I had fluid in my ears and sinuses and every time I stood up I went into orbit. (Vertigo-seriously) The doctor even wrote me a prescription for bed rest. Although that did me no good. Giselle did take pitty on me and teach some of my dance classes! Thanks!

8. One word-Thanksgiving! If you have not checked out my siblings blogs then you have no idea what I am talking about however we pack two weeks worth of activities into 2 days!

7. Second Word-Turkey! Since we did have 3 turkeys for Thanksgiving and Tim bought and I cooked the 23 pound bird, I had a little left over in the fridge. Knowing that Bella and Zeke had plenty Thanksgiving "left overs!!!" I decided not to let my turkey go to waist. Therefore I went on a 24 hour turkey cooking bonanza! I made 3 casseroles, 2 turkey pot pies, turkey soup, and turkey a'la king! Then I had to deliver it to grandparents and random people in the ward who had just had babies!

6. Programs- (Now I will sound like my mom for a moment.) I am preparing and planning 3, yes 3 Christmas programs. 1. Primary Christmas program: Not sure how the chorister gets to plan and write and teach the songs and come up with the costumes but in Francis 2nd this year it happened. 2. Stake Children's Choir: Again I got this one from my mom. So we aren't just singing we are playing bells and everything in between. 3. Of course the Body Motion Christmas Concert. Enough said, if you saw the Halloween show you would know that I have a lot of work to make it every bit as good! The good news is that they all are in a matter of 8 days apart so after that week I should feel relived. (December 11th, December 16th and December 19th)Mark your calendar there will be no blogging that week I am sure!!!

5. Mia and Tess- Well Tess' pre-school teacher took a major leave of absence so I have had to find things to do to entertain Tess since she starts asking me at 6:45 "Where are we going today?" She isn't entertained by me tell her "We are going to the play room so you can watch Mommy play on the computer!"

4. DVR- Tim finally did it! We now are the proud owners of a dish! Therefore I record shows and I can watch them later! Sorry we just got it 2 weeks ago so I the newness hasn't worn off yet!

3. Being the MOM! Enough said!

2. Shoveling snow! Finally we got a great snow storm and I tried to surprise my husband before he got home from work and have the majority of the snow removal done. There are some people who can verify this next statement. In doing so I felt like to have to remove the snow to the same level as Tim. Efficient and meticulously! Therefore it took me half of the day!

1. I had to get my tree up so I could have some really good pictures. I know I am the last McNeil child to do so, even though it is only December 2nd but I think you know what a fun and competitive group we are. Do it and do it the best. Therefore I had to get a gigantic artificial tree. I took me a while to find the "PERFECT ONE" but I did it. A few people have asked me if it is real! YEAH!

So there you have it, the reasons it has been one month since my last post. Take it or leave it!

We have the 9 foot tree in the front room and then three little ones in the family room. I obviously am a control freak (Monica) because as the girls decorated the tree I quickly moved them as they turned around to get the next ornament!