Sunday, April 12, 2009

April Fools... it is still April isn't it?!? I have lost track of time. It seems these days that the days run into weeks and the weeks have pasted to months. I have been super busy but NEVER take pictures. Even on this trip I had to force myself to remember to break out the camera. To sum up our vac-kay MUCH NEEDED. We started off our R & R in St. George with the Gunners and Johnsons. We were fortunate enough have Rob and Dad accompany us on our journey. I had a driving partner and the girls were on their best behavior (if that is possible) for Uncle Rob. It really helped to have a total of 3 dvd players going. (Thanks Erica!) The girls rode bikes and played in the sand while the adults listened to conference and had wonderful food. I am not sure there is ever an event with us that doesn't involve food. Sunday we watched the first session of conference ate AGAIN and then jumped in the car to head to Pheonix. I had told Dad that I wasn't sure the Vegas route was the best. Tim and I had been that way over 9 years ago and I remember thinking it would never end. But dad insisted he had measured it out with string on the map it we should give it a try. All went well UNTIL Hoover Dam. All I will say is 4 miles=55 minutes. Got a great view of the suspension bridge being built over the dam, IMPRESSIVE! Dad did suffer from a touch of road rage:) Eight and a half hours later we made it to see our adorable little Rajko. He was definitely worth the wait!

Dad and Rob actually stayed with Giselle and Noah while I stayed with Sharee and Matt. They also have three kids and a kid friendly back yard. The warm Phoenix air made my kids believe it was summer. (80's the entire week.) While in Phoenix we did everything we could to keep those kids entertained from indoor Amusement Parks to Bowling. The thing my kids wanted to do more than anything was SWIM in the pool. However, one of the highlights was the Hannah Montant Movie as well. I will just go on record saying I LOVED IT!!! Sharee and Matt were great host and Giselle and Rajko were our event planners. Thanks to everyone who we spent time with. I may need a week or two to catch up on all the sleep I missed but Sharee and I got caught up on our lives. Dad and I made a joint decision to leave on Friday and drive in the night to St. George. We didn't get out until 9pm Arizona time and I pulled into Chelsea and Max's at 4:20 AM. However the girls slept the ENTIRE time and it went by faster that way. We made it home for Easter and it looks like we are in for a week of storms. So great to be back.

BTW: This is not a resort pool, this is Sharee's back yard! LOVE IT!

Since I uploaded pictures from my camera I did find two events that I hadn't blogged about.

Mia had to dress silly and crazy for April Fools. She loved it and was extra pleased to wear make-up to school.

Tess had the kindergarten piggy opera. She had been excited for the big day! I think I could hear her singing...?

But definately the cutest piggy-EVER!!! Come and see us soon Rajko and Scheerhorns.