Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Where did my babies go?

We recently had our family pictures done and all I could think about when I looked at them was; Where did my babies go? It seems like the girls have grown up over night. Especially Ellie! If you look at the picture at the top of the blog and compare it to one year previous, it blows my mind.

For my own record I needed to document the lives and time of these three girls.

This year in school Ellie has had a tremendous teacher who appreciates her nature. It was a blessing for me. Ellie is very artistic and can often focus more on the outside of the box rather than the content inside of it. Her teacher has told me several times that Ellie is a brilliant child with lots of potential. Many days I see the potential and encourage it... other days I am just the mom who nags at her to pick up her room and get her homework done without getting off track. Ellie is in a phase of peace sign and hoodies. She loves wearing hoodies and tries everyday to tie one into her attire. I have tried to embrace this fashion statement and find as many different and hopefully dressy hoodies as I can. She is on comp team this year and loves every minute of it. I can honestly say she is really good at hip hop and has the swagger that it takes! Yeah! She is still in piano and is getting much better at reading music. If her Christmas wish comes true she will start adding a little guitar music in her life. Again, when did I get old enough to have a kid who wants to play guitar?

Ellie at Stadium of Fire

Moving on to my big girl Tess. First grade phenom. We were also really blessed when Tess was placed in her first grade class. Tess' teacher is the most positive and kind person I have ever met. She loves her students and really does all that she can for them. Tess is my quiet thinker. She doesn't often say things out loud but she definitely lets you know how she feels about things. Last year I wasn't allowed to help in Tess' classroom because she would never talk if I entered the room and then she would cry when I left. So when her first grade teacher asked me to be the room mother this year, I told her I would have to check with Tess first! She agreed it would be ok and has been very excited when I show up. Her teacher has had a hard time finding things to give Tess that are a challenge to her. She does her assignments and asks what is next. I completely understand. When I give Tess a list of chores/work at home, I can guarantee it is done and she usually comes down stairs and asks me what else she should do. Tess is also doing really well in piano. She keeps right up with Ellie and plays more by ear. She can read the notes but once she has heard the tune she really excels. If all works out she will start violin after the New Year.

Tess losing her first tooth.

Last but certainly not least...MIA. She has grown up and even moved into 4T clothing. This kid cracks me up everyday. She goes to two different preschools to keep her occupied and cries if it is a day when she has no where to go. She also told me the other day that her favorite store is Kamas Food Town. When I asked her why she simply stated- "well I get a slushie when I go there." Whatever makes her happy while her sisters are at school. She has really taken a liking to acrobatics. Dancing is good but I think this one likes the wild adventure she gets in acro whereas in dance she actually has to listen to me and do what I say! She can do a cartwheel and land on her feet. This may sound like nothing big but some 4 year old can't do a forward roll. She still like to snuggle and she and I could sleep in til 8 if anyone ever let us. I have to also throw in that she is the best colorer (is that a word) She stays in the lines better than the 6 year old and she is always drawing and coloring me a picture.

My preschool doll!
So even though there had been no update of a while, we are alive and I am just trying to keep up with my growing babies! Life in good on Country Lane!

A few other occurrences in our lives: From my previous post you know that we lost out 23 month old nephew. I need everyone to know that we understand the "plan" and we all are still working on accepting it. His parents are valiant and the rest of us are encouraged by their strength. Three days after losing Luke, my grandfather pasted away.

From the time I can remember things I have always had my grandfather in my life. We moved next door to them when I was only 4 years old. I watched him work the cows and the crops. Sometime he would even let us go along for the adventure. He was a very hardworking man and expected anyone that worked with him to work just as hard. I think that could be where I got some of it. He also loved my grandma VERY much. They always had a smooch for each other and sat hand in hand. After my grandma died you could tell a part of him died too. He loved her so much and had such a desire to be with her. The Monday before he pasted I was able to spend the afternoon with him. I always felt like it was a blessing to spend time with him and when I left that day I honestly knew it was probably the last opportunity I would get. I told Tim that night about how I felt and really cried for what I knew was to come.
His funeral was such a testimony to all that he was. His big family and the legacy that he left made me realize how important the "plan" really is. I felt the veil was very thin on that day and both he and my grandma where sitting there by their children as proud as they could be.

Between losing Luke and my grandpa so close, I saw the gospel in its fullness. I have never been more sure of anything in my life. So while my "babies" are growing and changing the one thing that will never change is the importance they are in my "plan."

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


There comes a time when things get thrown at you and you have a different perspective. This evening our family unfortunately experienced one of those moments. Our sweet nephew LUKE TAYLOR returned home to our Heavenly Father. At 23 months old I can honestly say this child fulfilled his calling on earth. Luke was the center of the Taylor family. His spirit brought joy to their home. His wonderful father and adoring mother gave love without limits when it came to this kid. His brothers Josh and Mike would do anything and everything for Luke. This is an amazing family!

I know the plan our Father has for us. I love the peace that I get from it. I try to share my testimony of it whenever I can. I want my children to know this. I want my friends and neighbors to understand it. There is only one way to find comfort in any of this.

I want to bottle up the feeling I have in my soul right now to open up and use later down the road when my perspective may not be so clear and my eyes may be out of focus.

Please pray for this family! Keep them in your thoughts. Do all that you can to ensure you will be with your family again.