Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Enjoying the Outdoors

Well since it has been twenty days since my last update I thought I might post. I have been working outdoors in my yard since it finally decided to be warm. I was trying to do as much as I could before I started my 2 weeks of dance camp. I love to work in my yard and was very frustrated by the lack of spring weather that would accommodate my desire to work outdoors. I tried really hard to spend time updating my flower beds and preparing my garden. The garden thing was a bust in the beginning due to several frosty nights and many snow storms. We lost all of our pumpkins and thought I had lost my squash. I could never get the tomatoes in the ground because I was waiting for the heat. But when I returned home from the Butikofer Family Reunion my cucumbers, carrots, and zucchini were peaking up out of the ground. I had ONE ripe strawberry on Monday and I can see peas are coming along nicely. Yes, this is the update that you get because this is all I have done for two weeks. I also loaded up the girls in the old stock truck and went and got a bale of mulch. When I say bale I mean BALE. I will have enough mulch to cover all my projects plus Robbin's!

We did have a great time at Butikofer reunion although I left my camera in Kamas so I have stolen some picture from my fabulous sister-in-laws. They too have three kids each and have managed to post from last weekend so I pretty much feel like a slacker! The kids had the time of their lives. This year due to MANY factors we camped at Matt and Sondi's. Much better plumbing that way. I think even my sister Olivia could handle camping like that. Tim slept out of the trampoline with the girls and I opted for a bed inside.

We took an amazing four-wheeler trip up past Ashton, Idaho. It apparently was an old railroad line that ran up to Yellowstone. Since it had been a wet winter in Idaho as well there were wildflowers everywhere and the smell of pine trees along the trail was so strong. I loved every minute of it until the mosquitos started eating my flesh as I stopped off for a nap with Tess and Mia. What more can I say than we ate A LOT of food and had A LOT of fun. Although as far as late night camp fire chatting goes- you have to be an in-law to catch anything. As evidence with the picture. Butikofer's do not do LATE nights. This would explain why they get up at the crack of dawn.

Needless to say I am glad summer has arrived and can't wait to spend more time with both families in the next few weeks!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Birthday Bash

Monica emerges again...I can say that the birthday bash went off without a hitch. I was lamenting the night before that I want to get a hold of someone with a pony so we could do pony rides and also considered calling the dentist office to see if they could hook me up with one of the assistance that makes balloon characters for my kids. (After all the dental assistants are like family to Tess, as in we see them as much as we see our extended family!) But Tim put the ky-bosh on it! In fact his exact words were "Did you have ponies, balloon characters, and face painting at your third birthday?" Of course I flashed him a pleasant look with one eyebrow up. He then replied "And you still lived?" I guess I just dream about things a little too much lately. However, he did pull out the miracle card and finish up the playground area. (We are still in debate over what else to put in our play area: I bet you can't guess who wants what!)

We were grateful that the weather held out for us. I think the highlight was the hoppyball races. See my girls LIVE on theirs. I think at times they have forgotten how to walk. But to see the rest of the guest have a turn cracked us all up. I just want to say if you look at the picture of Tess, her toes are perfectly pointed! A TRUE dancer.

Mia had the time of her life and she as not stopped telling me how "big" she is now. Yes, I think she may have successful advance out of the 18-24 month clothes. Regardless of the absence of ponies many thanks to those who made it to the party and those who called to wish our precious a "Happy Birthday!"
BTW Robbin, you better start practicing the balloon characters for next year now I know!