Monday, September 13, 2010

Tales from Kindergarten, Mia Style

And so it begins! Probably need to document these things right now so some day in the future I can laugh about it... someday!

Her "natural" pose!-Kindergarten 2010

I have been so blessed to have all my girls in school this year! We run a tight ship around this place and between the 7:05 AM bus time for Ellie, violin and guitar, and piano lessons in the morning, and then 7:58 AM bus time for Tess and Mia we get up early. Not a problem in the past. My two older girls are morning kids, they jump up and get going. Not so much with my third. She has been a different story from the get go. Call it head strong, call it stubborn, call it moody, just call it MIA! Each morning she has a different "drama." Many times it goes like this.

Mom no one will play with me on the playground. They think I am four because I am so little. My reply, logical of course- Well you can explain to them that your birthday is May 30th and you are five. There is another cute girl in your class named Kaylie who is about your size. Try to play with her.

The next morning

Mom how do you spell KC. My reply: K-C. Tess the spelling bee champion and family nark chimes in. It's probably C-A-S-E-Y. She is writing a note to her boyfriend mom and wants to spell his name. Again my logical reply, Mia we don't write notes to boys and your only boyfriend is your dad. (Has she not learned anything from the Jamison episode in preschool!) Later in the day while doing laundry, I find a post it in her pocket reading

KC + Mia

One day as I walk up to greet Mia at the end of the Country Lane bus stop, she gets off holding one sandal in her hand and one on her foot. When I inquire she tells me (one hand on hip and a smile) Kaleby ripped my shoe off and broke it on the bus. My inquiring mind wants to know-Mia what is your shoe doing in Kaleby's face? No reply!

Then this morning. Seemed to be starting off great, in fact she got dressed before Tess and had eaten three raspberry muffins before 7:00! Moving on with the routine, we went in her bedroom to make her bed ad get her shoes and socks on. LET THE GAMES BEGIN. She balked and cried and whined because she does not like wearing brown shoes to school. Last week she didn't like her mary janes because they showed her socks. Today it was the brown shoes didn't match her blue pants. I gave her the speech and we proceeded to doing hair. The fireworks continued and as a result she was spanked and sent back to bed. 20 minutes later it seemed the tantrum was over and we advanced to finish up mode. I took both she an Tess to school knowing there wouldn't be much time for mommy to help with homework tonight so we did reading before school and left at 8:30 AM. Dropped them off at school and headed back home-flash forward 20 minutes and the phone rings. Caller ID indicates -South Summit Elementary. "Hello Billie Jo, this is Mrs. Blazzard. Mia didn't have ANY shoes on when she came to school today! She told me she left them on the bus accidentally, so I called the bus garage and they radioed her bus driver. He said Mia didn't ride the bus. I then told Mia the bus driver said you didn't ride the bus today, and she replied; oh yeah I came in my mom's car. I must have left them there. Are her shoes in your car?" Running down the stairs to check my car, I tell Mrs. Blazzard. "I could guarantee they are in her book bag but let me check real quick." Surprise NO SHOES IN MY CAR. And to think I have 13 more years of this!!!!!!! Can you say boarding school.
In other new, Tess and Ellie are loving school, loving life, and loving wearing their shoes!
Tess, 2nd Grade

Ellie, Middle School 5th Grade