Thursday, February 5, 2009

Heartbreak and.... you can't make this up!

So this post will be a two part update. I have to document both stories just so one day I can look back and laugh since all I want to do is cry (but I am way to tired for it.)

My little Mia has such a big heart accompanied with serious crushes on boys of ALL ages. There is however a little boy in her preschool class that she calls her "boyfriend." His name is Jameson and she like him because he has the same color hair as her dad. I will admit that he is probably the cutest boy in the class and I think that his mom is a sweetheart so I play along with the scenario. Today she drew a picture and told me she was taking it to preschool to give to Jameson. I just smiled inside and thought of all the trouble that I am going to have to deal with when she is 16 and having all these mad crushes.....I did not know I would have to deal with HEARTBREAK at 3! She came home from school crying because she gave Jameson the picture and he threw it on the ground and walked away. I tried to assure her that he still likes her and that it was a nice gesture to have done that. In the back of my mind I wanted to call up his mother and tell her what a rude thing her son had done to my sweet little baby. Oh boy I think home school may be the ticket for the both of us!

Who could resist this face?!?!

On to the second part... You can't make this up!

It all started two Sundays ago. Mia had been acting whinny and sick like. I decided to stay home from church with her since neither of us had gotten a whole lot of sleep. We napped took medicine and watched some TV. Then around 5:00 she started screaming that her ear hurt. Of course, it is Sunday and it is after hours why shouldn't it start hurting NOW! So Tim and I took her to Urgent care in PC. Sure enough raging ear infection. Now it is 7:30 on Sunday night and all the pharmacies are closed. They gave us some antibiotics to get through the night and the next day.

Jump ahead two days. Tuesday Ellie comes home from school and tells me she doesn't feel well. I give her some Tylenol and cold medicine and send her to bed. Next morning we go to piano and I drop her off at school with a box of Kleenex and take Tess to the doctor because she didn't sleep, nor did I, through the night because the stye on her eye has gotten huge. I tried many home remedies but obviously we need a prescription to overcome this ailment. We got her prescription and instructions to hot pack it three times a day and apply the antibiotic ointment. I run Tess back to school and head home to get ready for my "long" day at the studio. By 3pm Ellie is home and bawling and throwing all kinds of fits. (Hit the pause button for a minute) Remember in my last post I told you she is the worst sick patient EVER. Add to the fact that Wednesday is my long night at the studio and the night Tim is in St. George. So now it is 8 PM and I am trying to help her finish her homework that she and the babysitter did not get done!!! To her credit her nose was BRIGHT red and she could not go longer than 21 seconds without wiping it. As she was spiting out all the medicine that I could give her we decided to call it a night and not send her to school the next day. Instead she and I both went to doctor on Thursday. My ears were plugged and it sounded like I was talking into a tin can. Two prescriptions later and a few shots of steroid mist up the nose and we were good to go! Hang in there were are almost through the week!!!

I decided in the middle of all this to have a surprise birthday party for my mom on Saturday night. We invited about 25 of her friends and family and had a great time. She was completely surprised as she showed up in her sweats and no make-up.

At 5:30 Sunday morning, Ellie woke up screaming and crying. She had a fever of 105 and was shaking all over. So you got it ONE more trip to the urgent care!!!! Again Sunday morning and no pharmacy open til ten. We decided to sleep in the parking lot for an hour and wait it out. This is a true story, I am not embellishing one thing. Good thing I got those antibiotics in her because there was no way I was having any sick kids at home this week. Oh wait, did I say that! Today, Thursday, is Tess' second day home with the runny nose and ear aches. Good thing I have ALL the medicine I need to get her over this. President's Day can not come fast enough!!!