Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween and More

We had a huge more like gynormous week. It all started last Saturday with Ellie's birthday party. We took Ellie and eight of her friends to see High School Musical 3. It was fantastic, more singing and dancing than the previous two. I LOVED IT and so did the other kids. We had two boys attend the party, Luke and Jackson. Luke tried to be all shy and not even come to the pre-movie cake and ice cream bash, however on the way over it was reported he was crooning for the girls and they were loving his opera style. Thanks to Olivia for helping me transport the tribe. Sunday we had our Primary Program. It is a lot of work for the chorister ,me, and I was also stressed about Tess not saying her part.(She wouldn't in any of the practices.) Well she came through like a champ and it was an extreme dose of reality as I looked around and saw that Ellie is the 4th oldest girl in our primary!!!! Moving on in the week.

Tuesday was our official birthday. Knowing what was in store with dress rehearsal after school til who knows when, we opened presents at 6:30 am. Mia kept telling me "Mom it is night outside."

Ellie got her heelys that she has wanted for two years and I got a treadmill that I have been begging for a long time. (It just goes to prove my theory, when we get rid of things we end up having to replace it AGAIN!)
By then fifth hour of dress rehearsal, I got a great birthday present from one of the little ballerinas. She threw up all over the stage and her tutu to boot. Needless to say it was a distraction that had to be taken care of.
Wednesday, the BIG PERFORMANCE!

This is the first time all three girls were in the show. I ran and ran and ran around that day. Tess kept me right in line with her asking every 2 minutes if it was time to get her costume on and she had the other two's outfits laid out and tights and shoes put in her bag.

We had two shows in one night to accommodate all the audience members. ALL the girls did great and I felt very relieved after it was all over! BTW-Mia walked away with the Shirley Temple award for the night!

Thursday brought Mia's preschool snack and Tess' class party. I know what you are thinking. Preschool snack is not that hard Billlie Jo. Well two factors you might not know about. 1-They have to bring a snack that begins with same sound as their name. 2-I try to do some extremely wonderful homemade award-winning Martha Stewart version of a snack. When Mia brought home the paper at the beginning of the month I told her we would send MMMmuffins and MMMmilk. (They go at ten in the morning and I thought this would be wonderful.) I hadn't been to the store ALL week and had no eggs to make the MMMmufins. So off to KFT. I decided to buy some MMMMuffins and that would have to do. I flet like such a slacker mother coming in with my store bought MMMmuffins. Apparently the kids didn't mind and they gobbled them all down. On to Tess' class party. I AM NOT the room mother or room mother helper for this class, however I know the room mother and she asked me to come help with the party. Since I still have not gone through my "Just say NO intervention" I went in for my duty. Tess seriously was the cutest clown I have ever seen. The only face painting she would allow me to do was a small dot of red on her nose! It didn't matter she still won my heart!

Friday brought us the real Halloween celebrations. I AM a room mother helper in Ellie's class. However when I woke up Friday I really had no desire to get out of bed. This put a damper on me preparing all the gooly goodies for her party.

The room mother had put together this fun Halloween story with Science experiments and cool sounds. She wanted the food to relate to the theme. I looked and serached the entire night before on the Internet for great party food. This is what I came up with. A snake that had slime coming out of it and flying creatures stuck in a pumpkin. (Sorry no picture BUT it was dar!)

I bit off more than I could chew and called in some reinforcements (Robbin-Thanks) The food was an absolute hit and I even had enough left over to take to the neighborhood Halloween party we were invited to. We went with some neighbors and had a pre trick or treating party and then loaded all the kids on the wagon and went around their neighborhood.

We bailed after about an hour to go visit great-grandpa and our biggest requested stop... the FRANCIS FUDGE FAIRY. This is the only Halloween necessity for Tim.

The weather was perfect and we got loads of candy. (DR. Moffits dream I am sure!)

Saturday would have been a great day to relax and chill from the big week HOWEVER I had signed up a month ago for a scrap book marathon. Tim was the best husband/father once again and took care of the girls, the laundry, and even put my birthday present together. AHHH thank heaven for day light saving...I got the extra hour of sleep I really needed. Hope we can get back to normal! Although I am not sure what the defintion of normal is at this home:)


The Gunnerson Family said...

Thanks for the wonderful update. The girls were great at their performance and so darling on Halloween, now get in bed and SLEEP!!!!!!

Giselle and Noah Rasheta said...

Holy Crumboly... How did you accomplish all that in one week? The girls costumes are GREAT! Ellie is SO Sharpay, Tess is the cutest clown ever, and Mia looks like the Princess she is. How did you accomplish so much? I love the pictures of the dance show - Ellie looks like a PRO in the ballet piece, and everyone looks so cute and so together in every dance!!!

I'm so jealous that I wasn't there, but it looks like you're getting along very well without me. I'm happy for you and your success with the studio - I'm so happy that you have good teachers in there working with the girls.

Kiss the girls for me - I love you all. Try to relax a bit, you're going to give yourself an ulcer!

Billie Sue said...

Chelsea asked if all the kids were so cute in their Halloween costumes. When I told her I wasn't even home, she asked me what kind of grandmother I was. Thank you for being a "over-achiever" mother and taking pictures and then posting them so I could see my cutest grandchildren ever! The wagon looks so fun! Halloween is lots of work, but it can be fun it you're happy about it, so I'm glad you love celebrating as much as I do! The girls all look beautiful--that's easy for them! The Primary program was wonderful and I was proud of you and all of my grandchildren. The "Spooktacular" was absolute "out of this world!" I was so proud of you! You are wonderful and so are the girls and I think we need to include Tim in that too! Love you all!

Chelsea Johnson said...

Whew, what a week! I am exhausted just reading about it!!!

Everything sounds like it was a lot of work, but pulled off wonderfully so I'm happy for you all! The girls costumes are adorable, glad they had so much fun!

Hope you can relax and get feeling better!

The Richards family said...

Of coarse you would Pick Halloween to do a spooktacular recital, and practice on your birthday. But I am sure it was a spectacular show!!! I showed Addey the pictures and she said "I missed dancing on the stage" I will not tell her she missed your MMMuffins at the pre-shcool Halloween party.SHHH.

Robbin said...

Why do you have to make the rest of us look sooooo bad? Maybe someday I'll grow up to be just like you. I'm glad you posted pictures of the Halloween costumes because I didn't even get to see your cute girls. How did we not even bump into each other for crying out loud. We would have come over for trick or treat but there were no lights on and I'm glad you didn't come to ours because we gave every bit of candy away at the trunk or treat so we would have had to dip into the girls treats and that would have been traumatic. I was prepared to give away string cheese in case of an emergency but only for the cute girls next door!

Staci said...

No wonder you have been sick. You need to relax, take a little nap, go get a massage and pedicure and take it easy!!! You deserve it. Your girls look adorable!

Jan said...

I don't think you are going to get an ulcer. . . you are going to have a heart attack! Just think, in a few weeks you can come here and just RELAX!!!!

The Cox Family said...

You are seriously the busiest person in the world! How do you pull all of that off? You really need to take a break girl. Your girls look amazing and it sounds like they had a great week.

Chris and Michelle said...

What is up with Tim not liking Christmas! chris said that we are going to do the 12 days of Christmas just to make him mad! The girls look so cute for Halloween! When do you put your tree in? I am hoping before Thanksgiving, but I doubt it. Let's get together and take the kids to see a movie or something. The loving spouses can stay home and put our tree's in for us!! ")

Anonymous said...

What a good person you are, I just read Patrice's blog, and I thought that is so Billie Jo. the girls were adorable and I am so glad Tim likes the Fudge Fairy. Thanks for stopping by.

Jillyn Whitehead said...

Wow, I thought I would take a quick peak at your blog and then I ended up spending 30 min. reading it. You are such a great blogger. Your girls are just GORGEOUS! It sounds like your life is very full and exciting. I can't believe you have a 9 year old. You must have just turned what, like 29 because I'm only like 23. Well I look forward to reading more of your adventures in motherhood.